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What is U-Mart?

A Virtual Market as a Common Test Bed 〜 Aiming at RoboCup in Economics

Virtual Markets attract attention of economists, engineers and computer scientists as a novel research topic. The U-Mart Project is a forum for interdisciplinary research using virtual markets.
The organizing committee of the U-Mart has developed a virtual market simulator of a futures market of an existing stock index, demonstrated it in several academic conferences, and carried out virtual market experiments using it involving participants (human traders/software agents) all over Japan via the internet. The U-Mart simulator is a system that participant traders access to the U-Mart servers via the internet, and its salient feature is that the U-Mart system enables hybrid simulation involving both human traders and the software trading agents.

From the viewpoint of ECONOMICS, to design virtual markets and to carry out simulation using them help understanding of
(1) behaviors of human in trading security,
(2) behaviors of the emerging market, and institutional devices to control them.
From the viewpoint of COMPUTER SCIENCE, they contribute to
(3) study of evolution, learning, collective intelligence through developing software trading agents.

Further, the U-Mart Project aims at the Third Mode of Study as alternative to Theory and Experiments in Social Sciences through interdisciplinary activity of education and research.

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− Organizing Committee of U-Mart Project −

Chair : Yoshinori Shiozawa (Chuo University)
Yuji Aruka (Chuo University) Takao Terano (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Fumihiko Hashimoto (Osaka City University) Hiroshi Deguchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Isao Ono (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Akira Namatame (National Defence Academy)
Hiroshi Sato (National Defence Academy) Hajime Kita (Kyoto University)
Naoki Mori (Osaka Prefecture University) Kazuhisa Taniguchi (Kinki University)
Yoshihiro Nakajima(Osaka City University) Hiroyuki Matsui (Kyoto University)
Yusuke Koyama (Shibaura Institute of Technology)