Open Experiments (Competition)

U-Mart200X & UMIE200X

In the U-Mart Project, open experiments are periodically held.Human and machine agents participate in thoes experiments.They are U-Mart200X & UMIE200X.

Both human agents and real-time processing machine agents can participate in domestic open experiments (U-Mart 200X), and these experiments are held.
Only machine agents can participate in international open experiments (UMIE200X). Participating atrategic-class machine agents can be transferred via e-mail, so that the participants can join the market from everywhere in the world at any time.
On the other hand, domestic open experiments U-Mart 200X privide university or graduated school students who have used the U-Mart System in classes with good opportunities to gather and compete.

The Process of Open Experiments &
Basic rules of competitions

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Open Experiments (Competition)

U-Mart200X & UMIE200X

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